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Mr Beerys advertising art from this months ad in the Internet and some other shit.




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    1_July_06A 06AD_1 Rings_Cowboy
    d+w&baby1 Korea1 Rings_Peace

    .Cartoons are courtesy of Barry Goldberg ® 2012 B.Goldberg ©, a dear friend of Steve and a talented artist as you can see.



new ART news:

Well this section is called B-Art or Bar Art in it's long form. It's basiclly people who draw things at the bar. On napkins, Lotto tickets the back of a sleeping drunks t-shirt, whatever. Just do a doodle and if it is worthy Beer will conficate it and have the web guy put it up on the website like these pieces:




Fun At Beery's Before The Weekend Starts

Every Thursday is OPEN MIC night unless there is a band scheduled on the Calendar. Sometimes it good to call in and check first....