Mr Beery's Village Pub of East Rockaway, the band and beer haven of lower Nassau County. Steve Beery has always been well known for a hard core music venue along with his delicous beer selections in Bethpage.

Now he has extended his reach to the South Shore with LIVE MUSIC from around the area and some from outside the Tri-State region also. Ther is always something different at Mr Beery's of East Rockaway.

Come down and see LIVE BANDS that play great music, sometimes several bands will play on one night. Stay tuned and see what happens. We supply the stage, sound equipment and beer, they supply the talent. Look for the Beery logo on the front of the place, you can't miss it. Map Quest us........

33 Main Street, East Rockaway NY 11518


The stage at Mr beerys is ready for action. We move the pool table from the middle of the room, set up some tables and chairs and the rest is up to the performing act for the that night. We have a sound system but some bands bring extra gear and amps. That's ok but check with your bar contact first to see if it is compatable with Beery's equipment.

Play your heart out. many bands work the Beery's Bethpage location and do a extra night at East Rockaway to get more recognition from a different crowd. It depends on the schedule of the two clubs. Self promotion is welcome, as is the web and sign promotion Beery supplies. Check if you are not sure of the routine for the night and never assume the scheduling of the band order that night either, check with the website or ask the bar.

Beery's Bethpage website
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The bar has six cold taps set up for the beer drinkers who love tap beer. More then a dozen bottled beer selectons for the big brand drinker. A fully stocked bar of just about every liquor on the market with new ones supplied constantly and new drink specials along with new types of shots weekly. Direct TV is supplied on three large screen TVs to see your favorite team lose or win. Some video games for the easily bored person of the group along with NY State Lotto for the chance taker, not to mention good conversation is always supplied by the bartender and patrons.

We got food sometimes at Happy Hour and bags of munchies, or if you are adventurous you can walk to one of the neighboring stores to bring back a bite to eat. ie: Pizza, Chinese food, or a sandwich from the Deli.


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