Mr Beery's Village Pub in East Rockaway, the band and beer haven of lower Nassau County. Steve Beery is always finding new and cool beers for his patrons. You gotta try the seasonal beers as well as the standard beers everyone already loves and drink often.

Steve has now put all of his beer taps and canned beer selections on the web for all to see. You may find a beer you could see yourself drinka pint of at the bar tonight or tomorrow?

Come down and drink up a fresh pint of tap beer from our great selection of beer, ales, cider, porters and many other special flavors. Some are seasonal and some are just new types introduced to the industry. All are fresh and delicious. Good drinking...

33 Main Street, East Rockaway NY 11518




GUINNESS - 4.2% Alcohol

1. Thick black, cramy porter fron Ireland

EBBS #9 IPA - 5.5% Alcohol

1. A basic nice IPA from EBBS

Warsteiner German Pilsner - 4.8% Alcohol

1. German smooth, light and slight hoppy Pilsner.

Original Sin Black Cherry Cider - 5.0% Alcohol

1. Sweet, hops, grapefruit, orange and bitterness Ale.

Original Sin Black Cherry Cider - 6.7% Alcohol

1. A Cherry cider with apple and tart cherry flavor.

Narragansett Pumpkin Ale - 6.2% Alcohol

1. A sweet Pumpkin ale for the season

Beer tap changes happen offen and sometimes the website menu may not show the changes that same day, rest ashure I'm sure we got something you would like to drink. We like to keep the selection varied, so evryone may find something.





Delirium Tremens • Grimbergen Double Dubbel• McKenzies Black Cherry • Blue Point Blueberry Ale

We got food sometimes at Happy Hour and bags of munchies, or if you are adventurous you can walk to one of the neighboring stores to bring back a bite to eat. ie: Pizza, Chinese food, or a sandwich from the Deli.


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